Dirty Boy Video
Birthday Cake Fuck
It's Owen's twenty-first birthday and the super hung Jack will do what Owen wants him to! Fuck the cake! Covered in icing, Jack's fat, hard cock needs even more attention! Owen licks and strokes ...
Straight Guys - Sc2
Straight guys shooting load after load!
Francois Sagat
We know you love this stud, so it's with pleasure we bring you his solo action. Francois Sagat sits in front of huge windows and plays with his own monstrous boner. Stroking his dick is pleasurable...
Zeb Atlas and Micah Brandt
Muscle stud Zeb begins his encounter with Micah by ordering him to suck his cock. Startled but willing, Micah obeys, almost gagging in his attempts to swallow the long, thick muscle. Ready for more...
Fetish Force
Sounding 9 - Sc 4
Boomer Banks has double-digit inches of cock to play with, so when he lines up the gloves, lube, and sounding rods, he's got your attention. His method is focused and intense: set the rod, slide it...
Treasure Island
Legendary Stud Drew Sebastian - Sc 3
Bareback at the bar. Alpha top DREW SEBASTIAN puts beta bottom JACOB LEE through his paces. He demands the boy worship his cock with his lips and tongue then orders him to drop his pants and bend o...
Bear Party 2 - Sc 3
From role play against the brick walls of the dungeon to bondage on the old cot in the ominous Red Room, these men will show you everything and more. We tried to keep things orderly, but the action...
Jake Cruise
Derek Nicks Serviced
Derek is a sweet straight kid who loves being played with. He is also fairly ticklish and was a lot of fun in bed. Now I just have to see if he'll go further. He was very comfortable with me touchi...
A sexy gay thief, looking for some hidden treasures, sneaks into an apartment while 2 boys are sleeping. Soon he makes a bit too much noise and is caught by the 2 sleeping studs! Want to guess what...
Laughing Asians
Iesans So Ticklish
Get ready to see the most ticklish Asian boy feet on earth! Iesan's feet are not only perfectly smooth and shaped, they are excruciatingly ticklish! What a tickler's dream feet they were to tickle.
Falcon TV
Naughty Pines 2 - Sc 3
Jeremy Walker skips the naked horseplay in the river, waiting for Brian Bonds to emerge so he can follow him. A well-worn trail leads to a clearing in the redwoods where Jeremy spreads a blanket. F...
On The Hunt
Luciano and Lucas
Luciano had told Lucas that he liked it a little rough and Lucas was more than happy to oblige by forcing his dick down Luciano's throat. He just wasn't going to be happy until he got Luciano to ga...
High Octane
Backdraft Men - Sc 3
Blond-tinted Garcia Udulo is joined by super-sexy Rick Bauer and massive brunette Terence Kiadas in this video. Garcia pulls out his tool and watches as Rick beautifully sucks off Terence\'s thick ...
Cocksure Men
Jake Genesis and Jimmy Roman
Jimmy licks Jake's armpits, chest and abs. Jimmy's tongue moves down to Jake's cock, which is poking out of his jock ready to have Jimmy's lips wrapped around it. Jimmy takes Jake's cock and deep t...
Dirty Dawg Productions
CutlerX, Adam Russo and Draven Torres
Cutler X and his massive uncut chocolate stick are back for more as Adam Russo and Draven Torres get their wish when they are treated to hot bareback sex with one of the biggest and fattest cocks o...
Teens and Twinks
Sleepyhead Sydney gets his asshole fingered and receives a handjob in this rare display of outsider interference. Watch him allow the unseen stranger to have his way with him.
Tribal Twinks
Tomas gets back to nature with a jerk-off session in the middle of the woods in this solo video. You'll be licking the screen when you see his hot body and rock hard cock.
Ricky Raunch
My Greed for Seed - Sc 3
What do you get when you mix 1 huge colossal cock with 2 greedy bottoms? The answer is simple ... A scorcher of a 3 way that will leave your cock dripping and your precum oozing with no relief in s...
Pete and Will Bang
I've got a nice mix of dark and light boys for you with this video. Pete and Will are alike in a lot of ways, however. For starters, they both like to mix it up in the bedroom, and you'll see their...
Phenix Saint fucks Mason Wyler
Mason Wyler met Phenix through MySpace and suggested they do a scene together. Phenix knew what a power bottom Mason was, so he contacted us saying that he had found a new partner for a scene that ...
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